Support for 4G HAT using EC25

Connecting EC25 module to BrainyPi

  1. Insert SIM card in the EC25 module.

  2. Connect the Antennas to the EC25 module.

  3. Connect the EC35 HAT to BrainyPi as shown in the picture below

    Note: The EC25 module cannot be directly used as a HAT. It seems to be a BrainyPi Hardware issue. There seems to be some pin on the 40 pin GPIO header of BrainyPi which is stopping the EC25 module from working correctly.

  4. Connect the microUSB cable to EC25 HAT and the other end connects to BrainyPi USB.

  5. Power on BrainyPi.

  6. Now the EC25 HAT gets powered on. The HAT shows 2 LED’s on. 1 Red and 1 Blue. Blue is blinking while the Red is static.

Connecting to the Internet using the EC25 module

  1. Run command lsusb and it should show Quectel module in the output.

  2. Once EC25 is detected we need to run few commands via UART.

  3. Install minicom and start UART communication with EC25 module

    sudo apt install -y minicom 
    sudo minicom -D /dev/ttyUSB2 -b 115200

    This will open up the UART communication with EC25

  4. Type these AT commands one by one

    1. Check if EC25 module is ready to receive AT commands
    2. Enable the USB Tethering in EC25 module.
    3. Configure the APN of your SIM card
      Replace “Jionet” with your Service provider APN.
    4. Reboot the EC25 HAT using AT command

  5. Now your EC25 HAT should be connected to Internet and should provide Internet to BrainyPi.

  6. Verify that the EC25 module is detected as Internet interface, By running the command ifconfig

    As you can see from the above screenshot the EC25 module is detected as enxae7e07c2c4cb Interface.

    Note : The name enxae7e07c2c4cb changes on every reboot.

  7. Verify the internet connection by using ping command

    ping -I enxae7e07c2c4cb