Connecting to Raspberry pi camera and waveshare 7 inch dsi lcd (c)


I am Satyajit, Founder of Sapience Automata. I would like to know how to use the following with the brainypi rbian os:

  1. CSI camera, it is unable to detect pi camera at the moment
  2. Waveshare 7 inch dsi lcd (c), works with raspberry pi bullseye and buster.

Really appreciate if you can help asap.


Currently on csi rpi camera v1 is tested and working while v2 is not working and not in our plan to be supported .If you are facing any issues with rpi camera v1 please post a screenshot of the issue here and we will help troubleshoot

Waveshare 7 inch lcd is untested with brainy pi so far . We will find ways to get it and add support to it though no specific time line can be guaranteed .
Brainy pi is still under beta and not all hardware is tested with it .

As we finish testing more we will update documents on website . We will make sure this thread is also updated as we know about waveshare 7 inch

Thanks for the message. I am trying V1 camera. Still not working.

Also, pls test the waveshare display and let us know. I understand you are in beta, however if minimum required things work for us, we can go for production with brainy pi.

hi ,

You may please follow these steps

The site is scheduled to be updated tonight .

So please check back tomorrow too there will more info on the new website .

For now kindly try these steps and let us know