Brainy pi access using vnc and touchscreen display

Hello, can we access brainy pi via vnc? Kindly let me know the steps. It is easier development, as brainy pi is not working on all displays.

Also, do you have any touchscreen display for brainypi? Can waveshare displays such as the 2.8 inch capacitive touch rpi lcd work with it, as I believe the pinout is same as raspberry pi? There are some changes in boot config file and in the /boot/overlays directory. Will similar changes help. Pls check the 2.8 inch Waveshare capacitive touch lcd wiki.

For a third question, is gpio programming for buzzer, lcd etc also same in python?

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Brainy pi supports working without monitor/screen .

You may use X forwarding as described here

As for VNC it can surely work on brainy pi too . We will release raspberry pi compatible steps for VNC access soon ,

For waveshare lcd , you are right it should work since hardware is same but some driver and hardware related changes need to be made using dts overlays since you have the lcd kindly do the same and post the steps to help us troubleshoot in case there are issues.

Python program for gpio buzzer etc should work same .